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Venice Textile Manufacturers 2016

Venice Textile Manufacturers

History, tradition, values, skills, farsightedness, competence, care for details, a drive for innovation, dynamism, an open-minded attitude to the world while remaining firmly rooted in local reality, in the region that has fostered the growth of entrepreneurial spirit and still produces the raw materials for firms to process. Lanificio Paoletti, Serica 1870, Manifatture Tessili Vittorio Veneto, Lanificio Giordano’s, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua make up Venice Textile Manufacturers and share the above qualities, each with its different way of processing yarns, creating valuable quality fabrics or tailoring top quality clothing.

Totally Italian from design to production and distribution, these firms have stemmed from the history and tradition of Veneto craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen have woven rich fabrics with more and more modern and precise instruments, shifting from hand operated looms to mechanical ones, tailoring items of clothing for creators, interior designers and the best maisons, but also bearing in mind the public’s cultural and aesthetic demands. The firms combine the use of valuable wools and fibers with research on and the creation of technological fibers to enhance quality and innovate on production with avant-garde elite ‘made-in-Italy’ items. “Venice Textile Manufacturers”, a label that stands for competence, research, an environment-friendly policy, the care for details and a will to manufacture superior products.

Repertory number: TV-204780
Registration number: 4345