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Vibram the art of soles


The history and foundation of Vibram are rooted in the early ‘thirties. The first, inspiring idea was triggered by a true story. Vitale Bramani, a climber and well-known alpine guide, in 1935 directly witnessed a tragedy occurred in the Western Alps, when six climbers lost their lives due to the inadequacy of their boots. As a result, towards the end of the ‘thirties Vitale Bramani realized the first vulcanized grip-fast rubber sole (called ‘carrarmato’), branded Vibram from the inventor’s initials (Vi-tale Bram-ani). After Bramani personally tested the sole with positive results, it was in 1954 employed on the mountaineering boots for the first Italian expedition on K2. Over the years Vibram has  improved its technique and processing, on items ranging from casual soles to more technical ones and focusing on precise planning and careful study of the materials employed. Today Vibram is credited with being the leading brand in the production and trade of highly performing rubber soles for the Outdoor, Lifestyle and Repair markets.

Early in 2000 Vibram made an important step forward with the creation of Vibram FiveFingers. Defined by Time as one of the best inventions, Vibram FiveFingers  interprets the concept of ‘glove for the foot’, a sort of second skin that has completely revolutionized the concept of ‘walking barefoot’. Furthermore, FiveFingers  has been the forerunner of a number of relevant avant-garde models and stylistic variations for different personalities, comfort targets and technologies in footwear.

The collection Arthur Arbesser x Vibram is characterized by its peculiar personality. Indebted to the Vibram FiveFingers for its vamp, the women’s collection has an original and surprising style in that it reinterprets the concept of prêt-a-porter shoes with avant-garde and revolutionary overtones. The three capsule models are characterized by soft leather vamps – that come also in stretchy leather or in a mixture of fabrics – and by soles that range from the ‘maxi volume’ to those in ‘rubber + eva’ to guarantee top lightness and comfort.


Vibram the art of soles
Vibram the art of soles