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Yasmin Naqvi - excellence in tailored clothing

Yasmin Naqvi

Yasmin Naqvi, British born and originally from London, is well known for her cool lux knitwear and products with a twist. Yasmin has successfully designed knits for brands such as Armani, Cerruti and Marithè and Francios Girbaud Benetton amongst others and headed the knit design and reasearch department for Shima Seiki, the Japanese leading knit machine builder for more than 20 years. The CROSSING OVER collection has been created to celebrate her 25 years in the fashion business, A designer capsule collection of contemporary timeless pieces using high end technology , luxury fabrics and yarns , and some of the best artisans and creative networks around. The term well dressed has a multi-layered connotation especially in today’s world where the concept of fashion is constantly changing, and there are no fixed standards or norms . The collection is essential, functional fashion, a refined series of balanced looks that are simple stylish and wearable.
“What I want to convey through my CROSSING OVER collection and my dress style is that people from different cultures can cross over and coexist. Stay tuned and check us out!”

Yasmin Naqvi - excellence in tailored clothing Yasmin Naqvi - excellence in tailored clothing