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44 Label Group avantgarde techno streetwear in Germany

44 Label Group

Like the thundering techno he’s known for, MAX KOBOSIL lives fast. Born and bred in Berlin Neukölln, a multicultural destrict, Kobosil was quick to dive into the city’s nightlife once he came of age, having cultivated an interest in production and electronic music since he was a teenager. Driven by a strong sense of determination, his life since has been a whirlwind of milestones – by 23 he was Berghain’s youngest resident DJ, which propelled him to an international level of credibility and demand while he continued to push new local talent on his techno label, R Label Group. Now, Kobosil is at the helm of his own clothing line, 44 Label Group, a reference to Neukölln’s former postcode.
44 Label Group avantgarde techno streetwear in Germany

The outcome of a serendipitous run-in with luxury fashion retailer Claudio Antonioli in Ibiza, 44 Label Group is an elevated expansion of a merchandise line Kobosil first developed in 2018, one that met with instantly overwhelming demand. Through a sweet distribution deal with Antonioli’s eponymous boutique and newly launched Dreamers Factory company, Kobosil is now able to take his vision to new heights.