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Art exhibitions at Lazzari

Art at Lazzari Space – 2018

(Toni Benetton + Alberto Feltrin + Neonlauro)
Contemporary artist Alberto Feltrin (Conegliano, 1984) has created a corpus of brand new light installations inspired by multifaceted artist Tony Benetton (Treviso, 1910-1996). Integrating different light elements of Neonlauro.
Toni Benetton + Neonlauro at Lazzari Space - art exhibition

(Laurent Segretier)
Photographer and new media artist Laurent Segretier (Guadeloupe, 1978) presents 16 images produced at GUIDI that capture the feeling of the organic in the industrial setting, producing a corpus of images that express the artificiality and the ambiguity of the visual world he lives in.
Laurent Segretier | In Situ - art exhibition at Lazzari Space

(Ahad Moslemi + Alice Mestriner)
Painter Ahad Moslemi (Teheran, 1983) presents ”Identity in process’, with portraits that combine the expressive and the ethereal, talking about the history and the psychology of subjects that seem to be immersed in a world beyond time and space.
Media artist and photographer Alice Mestriner (Treviso, 1994) presents ”Identity in process’, an exhibition that talks openly and honestly about contradiction, always with a delicate but at the same time strong graphic sign that merges and confounds itself in a poetic, ambiguous way.
Ahad Moslemi - art exhibition at Lazzari Space
Alice Mestriner - art exhibition at Lazzari Space

(Giovanni Pietrobon + Carlos G. Coccia)
Sculptor Giovanni Pietrobon (Treviso, 1981) concentrates his attention on the female human body, creating trough different sculpture techniques his own corpus of venuses that underline a poetic research on the essence of the sensual and sacred aspect of female form.
Graphic artist and set designer Carlos G. Coccia (Patagonia Argentina, 1971) explores the possibilities of black ink in bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional works, reflecting his unique vision of nature. Insects, minerals and flora merge in big and small size drawings and medium-size kinetic sculptures.
Giovanni Pietrobon | Corpus Elementare - art exhibition at Lazzari Space
Carlos G. Coccia | Corpus Elementare - art exhibition at Lazzari Space

(Marco Fintina + Michele Salucci)
Sculptor Marco Fintina (Treviso, 1973) presents “Naufragio”, an exhibition that invites the visitor to daydream between Minotaurs, sea creatures, ghosts, cages and anthropomorphic animals that seem to have survived a fatal flood.
Photographer Michele Salucci (Cesena, 1974) invites the viewer to re-discover the periphery of the city of Treviso through his essential and ironic point of view. An uncertain, almost disquieting sense of identity emerges from each of his architectural compositions of timeless elegance.
Marco Fintina | Naufragio - art exhibition at Lazzari Space
Michele Salucci | Naufragio - art exhibition at Lazzari Space