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Lazzari Space Art Exhibitions

Art at Lazzari Space – 2020

Edda Barbon’s art creations stand out for the gestural features of their high formal developments. Her paintings document spontaneous forms of expression which are the outcome of a spiritual journey within herself, as she freely wanders or lingers in the depths of her soul.
Niccolò Argenti is a lover of iron, an artist who goes back to ancient values which are sometimes unusual or even unknown. The Padua-born artist acts as a mediator in the interrelationship between the real world and that of animals, nature, shades and popular beliefs.

From the innovative, fur- and down-free Superlight jack- ets, to Ze-Knit’s sustainable manufacturing and intelligent bodymapping, to the never-ending life of the 100% recyclable In nity Jacket, “Futurewear by Napapijri” translates the synergy between design, sustainability and innovation into trailblazing premium casualwear.
Her portrayal of human settlements, great deserted or still miraculously working industrial plants lead us to ponder on our presence here and on past and future history: a serene vision turns into an urgent question concerning how we want to change this planet, what form and substance it shall have after us.

The work was conceived by Grillos as an answer to the debate raised over the Maya Calendar according to which, as many held, the end of the world would occur by this date. His artwork conveys the artist’s view that, when threatened by such an event, only in love can we find the strength to face it and to live.
Monna Lisa’s smile is one of the great mysteries in the history of painting. Its indefiniteness, its suspension between gaiety and melancholy is the highest proof that painting can express man’s innermost sentiments. Silvano Sartori couldn’t but be emotionally involved in the anniversary and revisit Leonardo’s work in that it ‘transcends time and space’.

Gianni Panciroli’s return to pictorial art is focused on figurative, landscape and abstract elements. His current activity exploits the double vantage point of emotion and concept, and is a free research on the musicality of forms and colours at once devoting special care to design, matter, tone, colour patches, and contrast, the elements that have affected human sensibility all along.
If the ight theme is the meeting point of Takeshi Tamashiro’s and Francesco Ciabatti’s works, the similarities and di erences the two artists also develop lead to an ancestral strain and desire to soar high. Besides achieving mutual accomplishment in such elements as mechanics, wood, the definition of space, the care for details, and the study of flying creatures, the two artists’ works also point to new and different fields of joint research and creation.