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BePositive shoes

BePositive – tales from space

As some daring philosophers maintain and our peculiar history on this planet explains, we humans do not owe our origins to the earth we live on. Well, SPACE RACE sneakers by BePositive do not belong to this world either: original, asymmetrical, irregular, they are made through a patchwork of unconventional, deliberately superimposed materials that are not in tune with the canons of the earth’s geometry or with any concept of industrial production. As we humans are of extra terrestrial origin we are by now ready for a voyage in space towards the future. Yet, we are not supposed to tread barefoot on the ground that the future has in store for us, indeed, we must lightly leap onto it wearing the innovative Space Race with their Venusian dust proof, protruding, notched tread, with their sinuous oversize sole, their vamp in loosely patterned canvas never seen before this side of the universe.

The sneakers’ details, their hand-applied special colored silicone, the artful smearing to achieve a typically worn look are but elements that see this footwear on its way across the starred space!
BePositive sneakers

Sitting on a metal can we’ll call ground control, Italy, and ask: ”Why is this EVA footbed so comfortable? Was an air cushion really needed since we’re floating in zero gravity?”

“Yes, it was, Major Tom – the answer will be – because we are humans and we can’t renounce comfort should it even involve hand milling each single sole, as we’ve done with the BePositive. Here we go, Major Tom, now the future belongs to you!”