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Brooks Brothers – Polo Shirt

thumb_MG_0446With its unchanging spirit, Brooks Brothers stands for the 195-year history of American men’s clothing, and keeps manufacturing and proposing top quality, right priced items to the clients who can appreciate them.
One of the main features of the Firm is its skill at innovating on men’s wear by enhancing form and function, by renewing the definition of classical style, at once casual and elegant. This philosophy is perfectly embodied by the Polo Shirt, the typical button down shirt first created in 1896, the most imitated item in the history of American clothing.
At a time when collars  were stiff, starched and detached from the body of the shirt, the idea of John Brooks, the founder’s nephew, of a soft collar joined to the shirt by two small front buttons, as was the custom with polo players he had seen in England, proved revolutionary in that it was practical and modern besides turning the shirt into a dynamic sports item.
No other brand has ever succeeded in reproducing the comfort and fit of the Brooks Brothers button down, a classic by now:  perfect when worn with a buttoned collar matched with a jacket and tie, perfect even if unbuttoned thanks to the special form and consistency of a collar which remains but slightly  open due to its self-supporting points. The elegance and comfort of the garment are enhanced by the quality, weight and softness of the cotton fabric employed – the mythic Supima Cotton Made in the USA- and by the fact that it is long enough to clothe the whole trunk without ever needing tucking up.
The final touch and the distinctive detail of all Brooks Brothers shirts: the smart pleating on the sleeves down to the cuffs, the unmistakable mark of a sober, renowned style all over the world.