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Camper - creativity on footwear design


In 1975, when the Fluxà family established Camper, they created a unique updated brand which combined the best materials with the most innovative techniques while remaining firmly rooted in a tradition which started in 1877, when the skilled Maiorca-born shoemaker Antonio Fluxà, back from England, developed revolutionary techniques in the art of making footwear. From their headquarters still based in Maiorca, Camper creative team define newer and newer concepts that bear the marks of the brand’s historic icons and give life to an ever evolving style in which urban elements are combined with underground ones, and sports details are merged with casual ones. Camper’s creativity draws its inspiration from the world of art, fashion and music, while their approach to design and marketing is at once joyful and unconventional. Thanks to their communicative skills Camper footwear has become a lifestyle. By combining text, illustration and photography Camper’s creative unit has been developed following product evolution step by step, with the innovative approach of artistic director Romain Kremer. Camper: a brand that combines endless growth and experiment.
Camper - creativity on footwear design Camper - creativity on footwear design Camper - creativity on footwear design