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CKD School

CKD School

High formation in the world of knitwear can rely only on one name in Italy: CKD School. At once a project and an itinerary, the Creative Knitwear Design School is  managed by a team of top professionals in the fields of knitwear and fashion who share the passion and the socio-cultural sensibility to bring about a strongly creative, highly practical formative training to narrow the gap between creativity and industrial production.
With a fifty-year experience and passion, Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna have decided to invest on the project CKD School relying on three basic principles: research, creativity and technology. Their schedule includes such artistic, cultural, technical and stylistic activities  as may help the shift from creativity to the production of collections and underscore the limitations and potential of the creative and productive stages.

To be creative within the logic of industry.
CKD formative project is based on the knowledge and use of advanced artisanal and industrial instruments. Through tradition, research and technological innovation the tailor made formative approach provides know-how and instruments leading to the creation of a personal capsule collection with the transfer of a creative idea to a finished product.

The Accademia Costume & Moda works in collaboration with the fashion industry and showbusiness, develops didactic strategies, proposes project and cultural approaches and concentrates on  enhancing the potential achieved during its 53-year activity.

Modateca Deanna is rooted in the heritage of Miss Deanna, a knitwear factory established by Deanna Ferretti in the late fifties, and combines passion, technology and innovation. The archive has become a cult place for the creation of state-of-the- art knitwear collections.


CKD School