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Dover Street Market London 2016

Dover Street Market London

After 12 years at 17-18 Dover Street, the many-sided department store created by Rei Kawakubo is moving out.

In  March 2016 the store was moved to a five-storey historic building, designed by Thomas Burbery,   located at 18-22 Haymarket,  where art encounters fashion creating an ongoing atmosphere of “beautiful chaos”. Rei Kawakubo wanted to preserve and enhance the original building dating back to 1912, and, as a result, its exterior, the original ceilings, windows and central staircase have remained untouched. Permanent spaces, including Comme des Garçons’, were designed by Rei Kawakubo. All the space-endowed brands  were given freedom of design and occupy more than 31 thousand square feet (the old Dover Street Market building was 13 thousand square feet).

The original staircase goes through all the five floors, each of which conjures up unique emotions and is enriched with art works that give different sensations to the viewer.
Basement:  ‘Frankenstein’ by Catherine Wagner.
Ground: Iconic Dover Street Market hut by Rei Kawakubo.
1st floor: Gold Panelling by Comme des Garcons, Pirosmani wraparound art work.
2nd floor: ‘Metal Dinosaur’ by Rei Kawakubo.
3rd floor: black-white interlocking shapes by Rei Kawakubo.

The sound artist Calx Vive gave each floor an appropriate sound texture thanks to a particular sound spreading technique that creates a special atmosphere in tune with the ‘beautiful chaos’.


Dover Street Market London 2016 Dover Street Market London 2016 Dover Street Market London 2016