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Eastpak X Andrea Crews


east-24-copAndrea Crews creative agency has chosen the artist Marcel Samba to reinterpret Eastpak iconic knapsacks.
“Stay True”draws inspiration from the gangster-dream world and conveys a mood through a series of strong images such as the dollar, diamonds and sharks in red, black and white. Its stylized graphics shifts our attention from the violence it represents to its poetic power. The collection will be available at select stores from September 15th 2014.

This second collaboration reinterprets the waist-bag Springer and the knapsacks Wyoming and Padded Park R XL by transforming them through a number of designs and contrasting captions, and by combining the strength of the items with the freedom of the graphic sign. Andrea Crews x Eastpak merges upcycling and street wear by creating an overstressed style, a coloured, bold, unisex product playing on different combinations of materials that enable wearers to express their personality and uniqueness.

Andrea Crews has created and presented a high street handmade item designed in his Paris studio. Engaged in the field of art  worldwide, with occasional contributions to performances and interdisciplinary exhibitions, Andrea Crews is also an independent agency whose exclusive collaborations have offered successful approaches to creation thanks to the vital quality of the projects they have realized.


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