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European Culture

European Culture

A unique and inimitable brand, European Culture has an unmistakable design and is a hymn to innovation if compared with what the market can offer buyers. After experimenting for years on the creation of clothing with different materials, the Abruzzi-based maison has managed to create fabrics of different rigidity and to combine them before dyeing and finishing calculating in advance the changes of the different materials.
European Culture is outstanding even for its use of select materials which are exclusively natural, eco-friendly and skilfully blended at all times.
The brand’s new productive conception in the world of fashion is the result of the endless merging of forms, design and concepts that leads to the combination of sartorial and citywear elements, bon-ton with military details, sportive with glamour hints. This merging of styles is the very essence of European Culture, an Italian firm that has made a first-rate contribution to the development of the fashion system, to the extent that it can today boast the distribution of its items on a global scale.
The Firm’s mission is to continue to create new, unprecedented items characterized by unparalleled standards of comfort and top manufacturing skills. European Culture’s staff, who firmly believe in such a special ambitious project, must also be given credit for the excellence the brand has achieved.
European Culture European Culture European Culture