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With its authentic, unmistakable style, its quality gourmet proposals, menus that vary following the products available season by season, Helmut has for ten years been a stylish pub for a variety of demanding, shrewd customers unwilling to follow any predictable fashion trend. Born as a London-scene-inspired pub playfully offering original snacks, Helmut is today an easy-going gourmet restaurant where locally produced ingredients are processed to make dishes that are as many interpretations of the ‘roll’ idea. The selection of artisanal beers, with an average three hundred brands a year, includes a variety of styles, from pilsner to sour, Belgian and stout with a different list available each week.
A pub with a strong identity where, rather than on brands, stress is laid on the atmosphere well expressed by Pierantonio Tanzola’s photographs: a relaxed likeable atmosphere that combines indie and vintage hints, one of the reasons why the place enjoys the deserved attendance of countless regular customers.