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Il Bisonte - timeless beauty

Il Bisonte – timeless beauty

Founded in 1970 by Wanny di Filippo, the Il Bisonte brand – now led by CEO Luigi Ceccon – represents the excellence of the Tuscan manufacturing tradition.
Each product is the result of an authentically responsible entrepreneurial philosophy that links the strength of its collections with environmental, social and consumer sustainability: this has been the brand’s DNA since its foundation. Made to last over time by preserving their beauty and uniqueness, Il Bisonte bags and accessories can be looked after, repaired and reused for a lifetime.

Il Bisonte bags and accessories can be looked after, repaired and reused for a lifetime.
Women's bags Made in Italy by Tuscan master craftsmen

A special version of the Bisonte philosophy is this capsule collection characterised by a free and independent style that is out of the box, yet remains very faithful to the most authentic, intuitive and ancient artisan tradition. The knot, which is used as a structural and functional element for the new bags, is also the hallmark of their design, in a perfect balance between strength and lightness, form and function. All the crossbody and shoulder bags in this capsule are responsibly designed and made exclusively with vegetable-tanned cowhide leathers, handcrafted to become truly unique pieces.

Craft bags made in Tuscany at 30KM from Il Bisonte headquarter

Il Bisonte products are also unique in that each of them is created with the experience, talent and love of excellence by the master craftsmen in its extraordinary short supply chain: all the workshops have always been located in the province of Florence, within a radius of 30 km from the main factory. In this unique region, which is a true symbol of the best craftsmanship, Il Bisonte is helping to safeguard the irreplaceable skills of its artisans and to train new generations of leatherworkers capable of producing excellence in a sustainable way. 

Handmade sustainable italian leather bags

In addition to their daily choice to produce responsibly, Il Bisonte’s traditional commitment to sustainability translates into concrete actions for the benefit of the people and the region in which the company operates. In 2021, the company donated an oak forest in an urban park to the city of Florence. In 2022, it began the collaboration with Orti Dipinti, a surprising permanent workshop with good environmental practices located in the heart of Florence, a few hundred metres from the place where the company was created and still has its headquarters today. Orti Dipinti is an urban vegetable garden where people can express their environmental interest by linking urban horticulture to events and training courses which are open to everyone, particularly dedicated to students from elementary school to Italian and international universities. The financial support and valuable exchange of skills and experiences mean that Orti Dipinti will be able to equip itself with self-sufficiency tools and Il Bisonte will receive inspiration for new ideas and products which can translate the company’s natural vocation for environmental protection in an increasingly effective way.