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Isetan Salone Men 2016

Isetan Salone Men’s

The 2nd “Isetan Salone”, a supersensitive multi-brand store by Isetan Shinjuku, is their first mens fashion multi-brand store in business. For years, Isetan has been elaborating a mens store roll-out plan in a business district. Eventually it took the first step for it, at Marunouchi in Tokyo where many Japanese leading companies are based in a row. Opened on December 12th 2015, the store concept for ISETAN SALONE MEN’S is “Omoai” which stands for Japanese temperament involving consideration for others. This national spirit of Japan is embodied throughout from both sides of stillness and motion, that is from its mood or products inside the store and the staff’s hospitality. The interior decoration is by Hisanobu Tsujimura, with the theme of “WAKON- YOSAI”, that is imbibing Western knowledge without being much influenced by it to prevent the loss Japanese identity. More specifically, plenty of natural materials like wood, paper and clay which have been used in Japan from ancient times, are incorporated in the interior. The place is modern, sharp and gentle, a 900m2 space which recalls a traditional Japanese house. From orthodox to collaboration or customized items, a unique outstanding selection of items is singled out by the eye of fashion professionals. Men who practise a classy lifestyle are supplied with valuable items which stimulate their senses in many directions.
International businessmen as a main target group, the store is separated in 3 zones according to each theme, such as ‘Business Zone’, ‘Casual Zone’ and ‘Accessory & Service Zone’. ‘Strength’ is directed to the Business Zone. Suits including tailor-made, jackets, shoes, shirts, ties and accessories are all for the business scene. In addition, an assortment at the Royal Corner must be seen: whiskey, cigars, lighters, cuffs and other items tickle men’s sense of secret fun. On the other hand, businessmen’s off time fashion items are lined up at the Casual Zone. From shirts, knitwear, pressless trousers, luxury jeans and edgy brands and real clothes brands’ items to a great worldwide trainers selection of “kick the city” corner. At a unique and various Accessory & Service Zone, there are the greatest number of glasses and hats collection in Marunouchi area, jewelry, cosmetics, seasonal accessories, and even a flower shop. It gives ‘pleasure’, an exciting feeling of being surrounding by a great variety of items and the act of discovering something special through them. The first Jean-Paul Hevin cafe in Japan can also be found in this zone. The store provides a place for customers to have a little rest during their shopping.
ISETAN SALONE MEN’S is a step ahead multi-brand store founded from the experience of a department store business merged with an excellent sensibility and knowhow cultivated at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s.


Isetan Salone Men 2016 Isetan Salone Men 2016 Isetan Salone Men 2016