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Japan Blue Jeans 2016

Japan Blue Jeans

In 1992 Collect. Co. Ltd was established at Kojima, Okayama with the aim of putting into effect our slogans “Creation without an accepted idea” and “Development with no compromise”, and in 2010 the company created the brand JAPAN BLUE.

As we believe that it is jeans that determine the quality of denim fabrics, we have for many years  thought that just one denim fabric would be necessary, therefore by manufacturing jeans we support the production of high quality Japanese denim fabric. In fact, to create the best jeans equals to create the best material. This is why JAPAN BLUE is committed to the creation and development of materials. Cotton selection and spinning, yarn dyeing  and  fabric weaving are the four stages for the creation of countless fabrics, and JAPAN BLUE goes through all of them to create the best suited fabric for any particular purpose.

Our jeans design is updated but extremely simple. Have an unprejudiced look at the materials they are made of, and you will see how they have developed in time…. Our designs are in the materials, but jeans denim can’t be described in one word because of its countless features: the fabric can be heavy or light, the cotton soft or hard, the dye light or dark and so on …. Our mission is to make jeans you enjoy, your mission is to give it beauty by simply wearing it and discover the difference between the materials used for each JAPAN BLUE JEANS.


Japan Blue Jeans 2016