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John Varvatos rebel spirit in fashion

John Varvatos: we are indivisible

Portrayed at Austin, Texas by the shots of the photographer Danny Clinch, their images capture the communicative and social spirit that John Varvados wants to convey, focused on the family as a nation in its indivisible essence. Gary Clark Jr.’s character is strong, his spirit indestructible. Love, truth and passion are the cohesive elements in his family, whose future and continuity lie in the children, as his wife Nicole maintains.

The latest John Varvatos campaign sends a message of strength, community and family while still emanating the brand’s attitude of effortless cool and rebel spirit.
John Varvatos Gary Clark Jr. Indivisible
Indivisible is strength, the family and the community.
Indivisible is the relationship between Gary Clark Jr. and John Varvatos.
Indivisible is any family in the world.

For the first time John Varvatos presents a whole family as a communicative form.
John Varvatos Indivisible campaign John Varvatos rebel spirit in fashion