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John Varvatos - the rebel spirit 2.0 collection

John Varvatos

Rebel Spirit.
Award-winning fashion designer John Varvatos explores the vitality of paradox in the 2.0 Collection combining a laidback and almost romantic mood with the dynamic street influence of downtown New York. The Detroit-born creative force always inspired by classic elegance, heritage craftsmanship and rock and roll (his usual models include Iggy Pop, Nick Jonas and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr) has quite a long and productive history in the fashion industry, that started in the early 1980s. After more than a decade creating extremely successful men’s collections and unforgettable ad campaigns for brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein (including the Mark Wahlberg/CK global- hit campaign in the 1990s and the Polo Jeans Company for RL), he launched his own brand in 1999, opening his iconic first store in
SOHO in October 2000. The lifestyle brand was soon after completed by the launch of several licensees including Eyewear, Fragrances, Converse by John Varvatos (ended last year and converted by the designer into his own “Bootleg by John Varvatos” collection) and the most recent Jewelry line. Luxurious craftsmanship and skillfully worked details are a trademark of the American brand. Hand woven washed wools, leathers and suedes are rich in texture with other ultra-soft- and tailored clothing in marled wine hues all seem to create a delicate balance between classic and modern. Playing with success the chords of a spontaneous rebel confidence, John Varvatos delivers an exquisite contemporary version of the classic gentleman’s silhouette, always wearable and always sophisticated.
John Varvatos - the rebel spirit 2.0 collection John Varvatos - the rebel spirit 2.0 collection John Varvatos - the rebel spirit 2.0 collection