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Mion Labels 50th anniversary

Mion Labels: the future starts now

The future of Mion, woven label manufacturers renowned worldwide for 50 years now, is rooted in their past characterized by commitment, quality, innovation and the endless updating of materials, style and techniques. Mion was born in 1967 from an intuition of Alcide Mion, the owner of a draper’s shop and a manufacturer of trouser belts, who understood the need for braids carrying the name of clothing manufacturers, and started making them. Late in the sixties, when Italian fashion was gaining renown all over the world, clothing underwent an epoch-making shift from tailor-made to industrialized production. Late in the seventies all the main international brands entrusted Mion with the research on and manufacture of labels for their products.

Quality, that is distinction, innovation and performance have led to the firm’s growth and guided its investments on technological improvements, to bring about technical solutions, research on materials and a widening of spaces devoted to production. Needless to say, the Firm has never neglected creativity in the development of products in line with the most innovative materials and  the latest demands from the global market.

The combination of  these elements has made Mion a landmark worldwide  in the manufacture of woven labels.


Mion Labels 50th anniversary
Mion Labels 50th anniversary