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Number Twenty One Isetan shoes 2016

Number Twenty One

Like a drastic remodeling and a development of a new business model store ‘ISETAN SALONE’, continuous strategies by Isetan Shinjuku store which aims for “The World Best Fashion Museum” are not always for inbound business only.

At Premiere Classe in January 2016, they have accomplished the first exhibition of its private shoe brand called Number Twenty One launched in 2011,  and one of Isetan’s global outbound business started.  Shoes of moderate price zone are always in great demand, however only limited design and brands are available at the moment.  This brand specialises in moderate price items, and makes shoes which satisfy customers’ secret  needs.  By simplifying the distribution system, costs are reduced and a surplus of money is devoted to materials and technique, then it eventually turns to a high quality shoes in this price range.  Thus, it differentiates the brand in this highly competitive marketplace.

“From Isetan to the World” as a theme, shoes which never compromise with design, comfort, quality and price were first introduced for buyers from the world at Premiere Classe.  At the venue, the collaboration shoes with FACETASM who became one of 8 finalists of LVMH Prize 2016 have attracted International buyers most.  Even more collaboration shoes with Japanese creation brands or textile makers gave extensive variations.  It is also a great feature of the collection.  In addition, young designers’ shoes, who belong to a young creative unit called ‘CREATOR’S TOKYO’, were also introduced here with the addition of brightness.  It is a part of a collaboration project between Isetan and CREATOR’S TOKYO, which aims to educate young talents for the future.  Isetan is always conscious of not only of today’s fashion but also for future fashion. Their inflexible will and strong determination towards future Japanese fashion can be felt in this project.


Number Twenty One Isetan shoes 2016