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Outdoor life and fashion

Enough is enough! Let’s switch off our Iphone,  leave everything behind, give up city life, renounce our habits for something more Spartan like a hut among the trees. Far from being a dream this might be a reality for many. If living in touch with nature could in the past seem a chance for few romantic people, today outdoor life can be a reality involving countless aesthetic,  comfort and safety equipment options.

Those who suffer from the alienation brought about by modern urban life can find in outdoor life a sense of freedom that they thought they had lost, to the extent that they can adopt it as a way of life and a daily source of inspiration. The philosophy of an explorer of life in nature consists in putting himself (herself) to the proof, bearing in mind that nature can prove hostile if he (she) is unprepared. People who aren’t experienced enough must have a rich, specific equipment. The main precondition is functionality, and each item must guarantee the best performance even in the most extreme conditions. Furthermore, reliability and respect for nature are also important. Any adventure that puts man in touch with nature must have all of the above features.

What follows is a small list of the items, clothing and details that must not be neglected by those who want to have various types of adventures and  live outdoors.

FILSON. Based in Seattle, Filson manufacture flannel and leather clothing for men who perform activities in the open air. Alaska Fit is a jacket that allows great freedom of movement, whereas Seattle Fit has a tighter cut and is realized in resistant fabrics.
TENTSILE. Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev have designed a light, easily transportable tent based on the spider web principle.  The tent is suspended from three anchorage points, and the more stretched the supports  the more solid and stable the tent becomes.
SANDQVIST. The three Swedish creators of the brand combine  functionality, simplicity and the choice of materials in knapsacks suitable both for urban and country use.
excursions-1 excursions-2

RAPHA & RAEBURN Hooded Wind Jacket. Designed by Graeme Raeburn and Christopher Raeburn for Rapha, this very light and compact jacket for cycling is made with the fabric from used military parachutes.
WANDERLUST. The Japanese firm manufactures bags in Cuben fiber.  Light and flexible, the small case Cutlery Zip Pod is resistant and contains a spoon, a fork and small utensils.
SAWYER. Simple to use, Sawyer’s efficient filtering system Squeeze Filter System makes water drinkable everywhere. Once you have filled the appropriate bag you screw in the PointONE filter and press to obtain pure water.
cycling-1 cycling-2

PENDLETON. Located in Portland, Oregon,  Pendleton Woolen Mills is a textile industry famous for over a century for its blankets, accessories and woollen items of clothing that reproduce the traditional designs of native Americans and  Scottish tartan.
3SIXTEEN X HCR. The New York based studio 3 Sixteen, in collaboration with Handsome Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles, has designed a kit to make coffee while travelling. A leather travelling case  contains an Aeropress coffee pot, a pack of Handsome Roasters coffee, a mini Porlex manual coffee grinder and a portable AWS digital scale.
MARK X DEUS. Mark x Deus Tool Roll is a roll-up holder with fifteen pockets for tools and two cases. Each Tool Roll is made by hand in oilcloth and American saddlery leather.
on-the-road-1 on-the-road-2

AETEM. A hydrodynamic container for swimtrekking. The carbon fiber monohull Sea Shell “Charles D” keeps dry  the equipment of swimmers.
NORQUAY CO. Made of cherry wood, the paddles Norquay are functional and beautiful.
SANBORN CANOE CO.  Designed to last for generations, the cup Enamel Camping Mug is made by hand in Poland.
water-sports-1 water-sports-2