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S Max Mara - Here is the cube

‘S Max Mara | Here is the cube

Stemmed from a brilliant idea of the Emilia-based industry Max Mara, Here is the Cube celebrates its tenth anniversary and still proves to be  an innovative avant-garde project.
Born in 2008, the Cube was aimed at revolutionizing the maison’s  iconic camel coat by fitting its class and dateless style to the needs of today’s dynamic, active women. The result was the first line of modular  down coats signed by S’ Max Mara that can be compacted and provided with accessories; sophisticated down jackets and extra light  slipovers filled exclusively with ultra light Siberian down that ensures both warmth and comfort.
Each item can be reversed and fitted to any wish and demand: the sleeves can be shortened and made precious – like the collar and the hood – by a wide range of luxury or design accessories; the whole of an item can be packed in the iconic cubic bag, to carry style everywhere taking up as little space as possible. But Max Mara’s evolution was far from finished; it was just from the down coats idea that in 2011 stemmed Summer Cube, a collection of warm jackets suitable for the mild seasons with the same design features as the winter line, in brilliant, luminous colours. The quilting is unmistakably in Siberian goose down whose weight is adjusted to  the less rigid temperatures. In 2012, the Wind Cube took one more step forward in technological innovation, focusing on the fabrics used, in particular for their windproof properties.
Here is the Cube is far from having completed its journey, indeed it aims to continue its evolution to achieve a perfect mix of style, functionality and design, through research and commitment, without ever forgetting its origins and the demands of modern women.


S Max Mara - Here is the cube
S Max Mara - Here is the cube