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True Religion The Super T 2016

The Super T

Rooted in vintage denim, the Super T takes everything there is to love about a classic pair of jeans and amplifies the most important elements. It all starts with a standout stitch. Constructed impeccably from the inside out—the birth of a premium denim brand stemmed from the desire to strip down jeans to their basic anatomy and reinvent them with exceptional details. Every step of the denim-making process is a special one; because it is True Religion’s mission to innovate with distinctive fabrics, hand treated wash techniques and unique design characteristics—all strategically placed to transform denim into wearable art.

The brand is synonymous with the words big, super and mega, allowing denim-lovers to rediscover a quintessential American staple in a major way. Sparked to design denim unseen in the marketplace, the Super T was developed counter-intuitively with the idea of being different than the norm, yet familiar. Taking traditional sewing machines and rebuilding them to create True Religion’s signature five-needle thread at two-stitch-per-inch process reflects the brands love for statement-making features. One of these features is the thicker thread used in the Super T, one of the key elements that make True Religion jeans widely recognizable.


True Religion The Super T 2016 True Religion The Super T 2016 True Religion The Super T 2016