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Trippen footwear 2018 2019 collection


In 25 years 2,060 styles have evolved, each one an essence of truth.
Since the label’s beginnings in Berlin in the early 1990s, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler have remained true to the idea of designing shoes which fulfil new ecological, functional and aesthetic needs.
This design process assimilates contemporary topics, reflects current fashion trends as well as conceptual considerations, incorporating them into something new and timeless. The inspiration for the subtle pastel tones and powerful hints of colour which characterise the new summer 2018 collection derived from the theme of water and reflections. It’s no coincidence that Trippen decided on that theme at this precise point in time. The first Trippen collection was launched in stores 25 years ago. Water reflects, gathers in, shapes its surroundings and leaves traces- and thus can be understood as a metaphoric picture for Trippen’s continuous challenging and adventurous design work over the past
two and a half decades.
Trippen footwear 2018 2019 collection