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Trippen footwear and sustainability

Trippen: transparency in sustainability

Trippen was born in 1991 from the idea of doing away with the use of any kind of glue in footwear production. As it makes its way in the world of fashion at a brisker pace than ever before, Trippen has become a renowned brand and has made transparency one of its core values. The focus is on making shoes that look different and perfectly balance design, ecology and social responsibility. The brand’s process of development includes sustainable design, environmental awareness and an eco-friendly approach.
Trippen footwear and sustainability Ecological shoes

The harmonious silhouettes of the shoes are obtained through a special stitching process of the soles and the use of water glue. From the visual point of view Trippen succeeds in communicating its awareness, attention to sustainable aspects of production and also its built-in idea of social responsibility. With a production aimed at helping an area of Germany with a high rate of unemployment, Trippen’s transparency enables us to understand the impact of its shoes, the effort they have involved, and the brand’s man-centered vision aimed at enhancing the environment and people, as it looks ahead to the future.
Sustainable shoes Eco-friendly shoes