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Venice Grand Tour

Venice Grand Tour

The Venetian saying: “If the Ponte della Libertà (The Bridge of Freedom) hadn’t been built, Europe would be an island” emphasizes the sense of greatness that has characterized Venice over the centuries. Venice is by all accounts a special unique world and its majestic nature is all the more felt in 2017, the year of the Grand Tour of contemporary art exhibitions, since Venice can manage to offer a rich, multi-faceted artistic proposal from May to November including the Biennale d’Arte, the Dance, Theatre and Music festivals but also many other unmissable events.

The new appointment at Le Stanze del Vetro, San Giorgio Maggiore Island, a project by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Pentagram Stiftung, is devoted to a talented artist of glass, Ettore Sottsass, celebrated in the centenary year of his birth. The curator of the exhibition, Luca Massimo Barbero, has gathered 200 works, mainly from the Ernst Mourmans collection, which illustrate how the great architect managed to go beyond the limits of glass by interweaving it with plastic and polycarbonate.
Ettore Sottsass

Up to December 3rd the spaces of François Pinault Foundation, Venice, Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi,  will be hosting a single exhibition focused on a fable by Damien Hirst.  After ten years’ work the English artist recovers from the depths of his imagination and from a mysterious vessel wrecked in the old days objects, statues, utensils, bronze, gold, steel and led busts of goddesses mixed with those of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Mowgli and the Transformers. As Hirst himself says:”It all depends on what you want to believe”.
Damien Hirst

Curated by Reiner Opoku and Denis Curti and open until September 10th, the exhibition on the unconventional American photographer retraces the creative stages of his hyper reality and enchanted nature. In addition to this, the exhibition hosts New World, an inquiry into the themes of joy and Paradise, a work that illustrates the author’s idea of alternative reality that unmistakably characterizes his art.
David Lachapelle