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Bepositive shoes 2016


Be Positive! Dating back to the late ’80s, the  sensational idea of being positive stands for a way of living and moving in the world.

Born in 1995 and today managed by Bridge Ltd,  the brand BePositive  revolutionized the concept of sneakers thanks to its creator, Ubaldo Malvestiti, who with his new collections rigorously Made in Italy launched a new type of shoes  for everyday wear rather than for sports use only. Although it has collaborated with Comme des Garçons, Stussy Deluxe and Uniform Experiment, BePositive has always preserved its unique, unmistakable identity by creating prestigious limited editions.

Standing for excellence among made-in-Italy brands, BePositive’s innovative flair is merged with great design accuracy and with details that can give the sneakers sports features, a fashion appeal and a neat chic style.

The elements underlying BePositive sneaker collections are originality and style creativity besides the capacity to reinvent and modify classic footwear like for example desert boots. The sewn midsoles, the classic vamps, the shoes’  basic structure, and the Vibram soles are the features of an innovative design that can’t but lead to success. Created by combining the structure of classic footwear with the rubber sole typical of sports footwear, BePositive achieved its special character and became footwear for all occasions.

BePositive’s success is the result of innovation, flair and a touch of unconventionality. The brand’s made-in-Italy philosophy is definitely ahead of its time, provides a variety of moods and foregrounds passion and creativity.


Bepositive shoes 2016 Bepositive shoes 2016