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With its up-to-date spirit and independent philosophy, Be Positive is not simply a brand: it embodies an attitude, a way of being and of moving across the world.
Born in 1995, Be Positive was the first brand that brought about a revolution in the concept of sneakers through a sort of contamination,  the grafting of the classic derby onto the sole of a sports shoe, a new  creation bound to become the brand’s icon thanks to its  totally Italy-handcrafted production , unconventionality and daring building techniques, three elements that account for the comfort and functionality of Be Positive’s metropolitan essence. Avant-garde and contamination, the merging of fashion and music have provided the background for the basic experiment of “Track 1” capsule collection. Fabrizio Ferraro, Be Positive’s line builder and Tommy Lee, a dj and producer of international renown, have combined their skills and experimented on design to overcome style barriers, and, by expressing positive vibrations, have brought  about total creativity. Track 1 is the refashioning of the legendary jungle force boot, a combination between a combat boot and a mid basket. Classical elements characterize the futuristic sneakers with a balanced play of past and present, a perfect mix of techno sound and fashion lines thoroughly fitting the ideal Be Positive consumer: an unconventional person whose original personality is attracted to new ideas and innovations.