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CP Company innovation in dying garment

C.P. Company and its bespoke colour

C.P. Company’s background coincides with the brand’s very identity, at once rooted in tradition and innovation, embodied in products characterized by sophisticated yet functional design. Garments whose typical, clearcut qualities can influence present- day and future urban living. Among others, garment dyeing, developed by a great pioneering designer in the early Seventies, consists in dyeing each garment in the final stage of production to create unique chromatic effects.
The brand’s forty-five-year research and experience has led to endless innovation in fabric finishing and sophisticated archive styles.
CP Company innovation in dying garment
CP Company Bespoke Colour: the latest trend in garment dyeing.
Open to experiment and relying on their great experience, CP Company can offer a personalized dyeing service. This artisanal, bespoke project enables buyers to choose their favorite colors from a Pantone palette, and after unique dyeing effects have been achieved, samples are sent to buyers for approval. By so doing the brand pays homage to the origins and know-how of garment dyeing as reflected in the uniqueness of buyers’ wear.
CP Company innovation in dying garment CP Company innovation in dying garment