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Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion

85 years of excellence in the higher education of fashion talents.
Istituto Marangoni, an emblem of excellence in the training of the best talents in fashion, design and art, was founded in 1935 in Milan as the Marangoni Clothing Art Institute and in 2020 reaches the important milestone of 85 years of history. The School was the stepping stone for important fashion, art and design professionals, including Domenico Dolce, Franco Moschino, Alessandro Sartori, Maurizio Pecoraro, Paula Cademartori, Andrea Pompilio and Lucio Vanotti. The Group now has more than 4,000 students a year and 9 locations around the world: prestigious locations, inaugurated in the most influential and dynamic cities, such as Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Miami.
The heart of the school’s teaching methodology is the Italian identity: a combination of craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality, innovation, love for beauty and entrepreneurial spirit that make Italian know-how an excellence recognized all over the world.

In Istituto Marangoni the passion for fashion unites distant cultures, different ideas, young people from every corner of the globe. Internationality is in fact an important strong point: a community of talents from over 100 different countries who have the opportunity to live a unique experience of exchange and human and professional growth.
The training approach is based on educational projects developed in collaboration with the most important fashion and design brands, which allow the school’s talents to come into contact with prestigious managers and companies. The teachers themselves are first of all professionals: designers, stylists, art directors, buyers, marketing experts and business consultants who are able to transfer their know-how and experience to the class.

The Fashion School of Milan is the historic headquarters of the Group, where the great names of Italian prét-â-porter were trained and where the school develops constantly renewed educational programs, in step with a world and with a fashion system that, even more today, is constantly changing. The undergraduate courses, three-year programs aimed at talents who aspire to enter the world of fashion, are added with postgraduate, highly specialized full-time post-graduate programs, in the fields of fashion styling, fashion design and fashion business.