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Agriturismo La Paterna restaurant in Treviso

Food lover: La Paterna

On the slopes of the Montello hills, on one of the ancient roads made in the early XV century by the Venetian Republic, lies an ancient, beautifully restored farmhouse where the combination of tradition and creativity has led to extraordinary cooking.
Under the competent guidance of Giovanni and Bianca, who proudly boast their typical and genuine products, La Paterna offers unique dishes that merge taste and experience, combine their knowledge of tradition and imaginative elements, match unusual ingredients and are open to experiment.
Thanks to Giovanni and Bianca’s countless travels, their endless research has led to extremely tasteful dishes, the outcome of their deep knowledge of environmental culture and an updated vision that combine strength, taste and creativity.

Agriturismo La Paterna restaurant in Treviso
Agriturismo La Paterna restaurant in Treviso