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In a limited edition of 500 copies, the volume fits into the ideal itinerary which starts from the 2002 personal retrospective exhibition on Toni Benetton and includes the recent “Forme di Luce –Toni Benetton + Meonlauro” held in 2017. A fifteen-year journey through the images of all the macro-sculptures realized by maestro Benetton and located in some urban spaces in Treviso (Italy). The images are accompanied by  texts that describe the genesis of each exhibition and the later contamination with the works realized with neon tubes and created by the up-and-coming artist Alberto Feltrin.
tonibe netton - Dialoghi con la città

Caosordinato (Ordered Chaos) was born in 2016 from an idea of Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, not as a book but as a contribution to a many-faceted cultural and multi media project by the Chiassai Studio. Focusing on the concept of fashion as culture, it emphasizes the importance of educating to good taste and of reviving the invaluable richness of the world of fashion we often miss in our speed-dominated world. Fashion archives are the catalysts that lead us to recapture visual emotions centred on creativity, which stems from history, culture, tradition and innovation.
The Studio’s content-focused research will include cultural and fashion events and lead to the publishing of their new volume scheduled for 2018.
Caosordinato by Studio Chiassai

A life devoted to denim and a great passion for all that is related to it: this is the essence of Piero Turk, an Italian consultant and designer among the most influential in the field of world denim.
The founder of a photographic blog and the author of Details in 2012, Turk presents this year his latest ‘creation’ at the Amsterdam-based Blue Print Festival: “A life with Denim”. At its second volume, the work contains over 300 photos of workwear details and visual fragments from the author’s journeys around the world in his endless search for new stimuli and emotions. An inspiring book to celebrate and  share the timeless cult of denim through its infinite precious details.
A life with denim by Piero Turk