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Rediscovering Samaritaine

Overlooking the Seine stands Samaritaine, the emblematic building in the vibrant heart of Paris, a city undergoing a new renaissance. Here, we’ve created a place that ushers in an authentically French experience, where the chic of avenue Montaigne meets the contemporary air of the Marais in this grandiose historic architecture and daring contemporary addition.
We welcome you to the store to discover a new Parisian experience with vibrant modernity driven by an inclusive, joyful, generous lifestyle that Parisians are known for and that tourists adore.

Samaritaine - Parise Samaritaine building

Samaritaine’s rebirth, firmly anchored in its roots, but with an eye resolutely on the 21st century.
Rather than just a shopping center, we want Samaritaine to be a place of discovery, surprise and experience.
In this ever-changing place, there is always something happening to catch the eye of Parisians strolling by as well as discerning tourists in search of the French art de vivre.

Éléonore de Boysson
President of DFS, Europe and Middle East
Samaritaine in Paris